The People’s Acropolis


An exercise to design a performing arts centre at the heart of Sydney pays homage to a city’s long-standing performative culture in a single arena. The People’s Acropolis is an anthology of traditional spaces and classical performances, meeting in a form that is all at once familiar and new, to be utilised by all.

A mapping of the city’s performance dynamics and spatial typologies gave rise to a tangible mathematical algorithm- a taxonomy of steps and platforms regulated performance space thresholds, highlighting an underlying presence of gradience and diversity in performance.

In opposition, experiential analysis formed the design’s structural language, a formulaic abstraction of spatial recognition converted intangible relationships into morphological samples for a methodical dispersion of assemblage.

The Acropolis amplifies a prevailing culture of performance and spectatorship- a rhythmically stepped amalgamation to capture the delicate balance between tradition and evolution.